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Is there yukkuri pet sim type game? where you have a single Yu the player can abuse and raise it from a ko to an adult? the longer you play the more evil abuse you get and the nice things you can do.

i know simyukkuri, marisa and the great stuff by bluesnow but Im thinking of a game that is more personal the yu talks directly to you reacts to you

There aren't any that are as complete as the three you nominated
On the other hand, there are a lot of games that have nothing to do with raising a yukkuri
For example sometimes I play one which is ragdoll-based, and the goal is to place bombs, trampolines, and whatnot to score the most damage and the most combos
I even played one where Marisa would run 10000 meters in order to defeat dosu, and you could update her equipment and get powerups during the run
Atami-lab made a lot of yukkuri games