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The (Un)Official OYP Discord Page Is Up!

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I dunno if I should make another thread. But consider this like an "Evolution" of the last thread because, well, the Discord server is now in serviceable condition and can actually run (There is room for improvement though)
So I dunno if you guys want in, but here's the invite (It doesn't expire.) (Edited with an ACTUAL permanent link. Hopefully)

Sorry if this seems redundant since there is already the thread before, but it feels kinda wrong for me to go, "Meh, here it is." I needed something grandiose.

By the way, change your nicknames to your OYP Usernames. If you dunno how, I'll manually do it. Your nickname will be unique to the server alone and if you join any other discord server Discord will use your regular name. So don't worry about changing your name. This is just a P.S. for those who've never used Discord.