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Work count for creators are inaccurate?

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For example, I have over a hundred uploaded already and all I see is a big fat 0. Other slightly before me and more recently added artist entries are like this as well. Now I was told that this is a bug so I thought it may be connected to the fact that those have no work count have no wiki entries so I made one with my own name hoping that if I am right we can apply the same to all the other entries who have the same problem.

And it turns out, I am wrong >_>

What's worse I cannot delete this entry.

it probably has something to do with all the indexing and "debug" mode that this site is stuck in. Honestly we're not going to be able to fix it, but your stuff shows up in searches properly and that's what matters the most i suppose.

I can delete your wiki entry if you want? Just link me the entries.