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OYP via Telegram

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I thought that, considering Telegram being secure and having many features (including stickers, file upload, etc.), I would start an OYP group chat there. ^_^

URL redacted due to spam bots


The OYP chat room via Telegram has been inactive for quite some time. I thought I would remind anyone on OYP who either has a TG account and/or may be interested.

Just a heads-up:

Recently, a few spam bots found their way to the group chat. If you happen to join the chat, please let us know if you're human (or yukkuri) by sending a greeting as soon as you can. Sorry for any uneasiness.


Due to spam bots taking advantage of the URL, please DM me if you want to join the group chat. Subject name must be the familiar catchphrase.


To avoid spam, the invite link will be changed periodically. As a reminder, to join the group, you must DM me a request for an invite link. Upon joining, it is requested that you post a certain catchphrase. This is to ensure that you are a human (or yukkuri) and not a bot. Thank you for understanding easy!

OYP now has a public channel on Telegram! From there, you can view yukkuri stories, media, and announcements without having to join Telegram or install the app and without the uneasy spies of Google! If you want your story submitted, please let us know!