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I think that House yu need more attention.

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Seriously, they are such a rare sight. I don't understand Japanese so I couldn't spend time on Pixiv to search for them.
It feels like there is 1 house yu comic/stories in every 1000 yukkuri work.
Why is this happening?
I mean, they are smaller, cuter, easier to deal with, weaker, more helpless than the normal yukkuri,... so they definitely could be very as entertaining as anything else.
Besides, what's your view on house yu? How would you make a decent house yu stories?

Apparently it's better to deal with koyukkuri than with house yukkuri.
Or anyway, when artists need to use a small yukkuri they make it a koyukkuri, from what I've gathered.

I would assume that it's because normal yu can be innocent or relatively innocent. Living in the wild and not going to farms, or leaving in the city and eating bugs and grass instead of pillaging garbage. Or even just being a well-behaved pet yukkuri.
This examples can be passed as close to wild animal, stray animal or pet, therefore innocent unless they did something.

On the other hand, house yu is guilty just by mere fact of it's existence, thanks to it's natural habitat. They are associated with insects inhabiting homes, which is just pests. In our eyes pests are guilty just by mere fact of their existence.

So maybe it leaves less room for creativity and lengthy stories.

Yeah in general House-Yu are seen as pests, rarely you get House-Yu's that aren't treated as such.

Usually extra development for House-Yu's is adding more pest aspects, like how that story Breeder Anon Stories showed how House-Yu's would attack normal Koyukkuris, even raping them, taking advantage of their mental difference between an adult house yu vs a normal koyukkuri.

Back in the day I did write a story about making something akin to an Ant Farm, with a variant of House-Yu I called "garden yu" based on a few pics that actually had House Yu living on gardens that would burrow and such, but same deal of laying eggs and being of the same size.

Another thing that help the reduced use of House-Yu are the concept of minikkuris, basically Yukkuris that for some reason, usually some sort of Factory modification, don't grow bigger than Koyukkuri size, though do grow mentally (at least in yukkuri standards.)

Found a nice single pic with house yu, but already at my upload limit. Will add tomorrow.

Nevermind, it was posted already.


EasyDeibu said:

Found a nice single pic with house yu, but already at my upload limit. Will add tomorrow.

Nevermind, it was posted already.

Uhm, source?

BaronMind said:

Warning: do not click that link if you're an arachnophobe. =)

I thought it was Yamame :'(

I like house yus also. The few stories made I seen I loved it. Cant point a favorite because its all favorite lol
I dont care much about this lack because I just want to watch them suffer, no matter the type. But the logic "smaller the funnier" I totally agree. Specially Kos.

agree with OP

I love cockroach yus because I love the miniaturised aspect of yus.

I also like the little touches that distinguishes them from normal yukkuri, like how they have almost totally lost speech, their hygeine is worse (shitting, pissing everywhere, making shit piles, licking sleeping humans etc.)