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I can help to restore OYP

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I have experience in PHP and HTML, although Im just a newbie, I believe that I can maintain this site. I have a lot of time to spare because I just graduated from school and I also have the money to keep this site online. I also have a lot of plans to expand this site and stuff to improvise the site further.

please make me a part of the admin so that i can help you guys further.

The current incarnation of the site is written in Ruby with Ruby on Rails, so there's very little HTML and pretty much no PHP.
Though you don't really need to know much of it to maintain the site; any experience is required only if you want to keep the software updated to the latest version.

Sorry the biggest maintenance is actually mostly *nix admin and ROR. The HTML piece is trivial to maintain and ... doesn't have anything that needs to be done actually.

If the site is up and running, you'd need ROR experience to expand the UI. I've done some work on it previously and while it's not hard, it's difficult to do with the backend being so fragile. (dependencies can break any piece of the site)