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Another relay manga?

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Alright, so recently OYP passed 80k posts, and it couldn't've been done without your combined efforts. Congratulations!

I was looking through the old posts, and there was a celebration called the relay manga where people draw different pages of a story.

The last time that the relay was done seems to have been in 2015ish, meaning that the decade anniversary (2018) was skipped.

2020 has been pretty rough, and so have the past few years. Especially now that many people are under lockdown, a relay would presumably have a large participation rate.

Details will be sorted out later.

Is anybody is interested in a sort of coming-together?

Stay safe.

Notify artists on Pivix and take a general temperature. I know Takumi and maybe Big.G would be in, as would (likely) Ringyou.

The big problem with doing another OYP relay manga is the shortage of artists on OYP. Most of the artists from the previous ones have moved on and while we do have new ones now they're nowhere near as prolific. Reaching out to Pixiv is an idea but the only active artist I know of with an account on both is Takumi which suggests you're not going to get much interest. The language barrier alone is a huge stumbling block.

As for myself, I haven't even managed to draw the emotes I promised Hitosura. Sorry for being so useless!

Things have been going rough on my end (ooh, phrasing phrasing), but I would like to participate in a relay manga if there is enough interest.