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Why do people go crazy over Sanae?

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Just wondering because she seems like everyone’s favorite rare type. You see someone even poke a Sanae, the comments start crying foul. It’s actually kinda funny to see hardcore abyusers holding their hands in a prayer for a Sanae not to get harmed.

Cuz she's rare? Of all common rare type (woah, an oxymoron), she's the most well-known, so ofc abusers would spare her, after all, why should we aim for a rare type when a common type is sufficient? Also, rare type usually are more obedient than common type, so what is the fun of abusing something like that?

Moreover, I think it's also a general concept. About common types (especially wasa, even though it doesn't do anything bad, people still hope for it getting abused, myself include, shame) is notorious for being abuse, so when a good/normal common yukkuri get abused, people complain but not that much because they are used to that. But when a rare type get abused, because not a lot of us know about abusing rare type, which combine with the above thing I mention, will result in what you see and ask.

This isy two-cents, hope it explain something to you.

P/s: Sanae is a good girl.

I don't really get it either.
I can understand if they're not serious and say something like: "Aw. Sanae is a rare/well mannered yukkuri. Oh well".
But if they're serious, I don't really get it. It's not as if a rare yukkuri's scarcity has an impact on the real world. Abuse also doesn't need to be justified, it's abuse not punishement or justice.

Maybe I'm a weirdo. While I like to see the standard shithead Reimu or Marisa get abused, I also like seeing niceheads being abused. Especially if it's a cute yu or one of my favorites, like Sanae. Completely removing the pretense of justice and enjoying the abuse of a non-shithead is great.

EasyV said:

Sanae is junk.
And don't let me start on the yukkuri!

lol why would you say that about green Reimu?

Cosmos said:

Also, rare type usually are more obedient than common type, so what is the fun of abusing something like that?

More stuff...

P/s: Sanae is a good girl.

I find that some of the joy of abusing shitheads comes from the justice being doled out. While the joy of abusing niceheads is soley the sadistic pleasure of the abuse. Abusing a well-mannered, obidient yukkuri doesn't have to be boring, it depends on the artist/author and how they factor those traits into the yu's reactions.

Also, yes. Sanae is a good girl and she's adorable. That's why I love to see her when she's happy and when she's miserable, cause she's always so cute!

Probably because she's so weak.

A lot of the rarer types seem to have some sort of special ability or advantage while Sanae is basically a weaker Reimu. Ran and Patchouli are smarter than the average yu, Youmu and Meiling can defend themselves, Remilia and Flandre can fly, etc. Perhaps being so weak even by yukkuri standards gives them sympathy points.

mechamacha said:

...special ability or advantage...

But she did have a special ability though. Not very useful for instant defense but she can give birth to Kanako and Suwako, which in a long run, the Kanako will protect her. Sanae will also most likely appear when the changeling happens, again not very useful but ehh, she's got something on her sleeves. Again, she's a rare type, and rarity itself is a special ability. And I don't think she's weaker than Reimu though. We have about 1 pool that Reimu wins (pool #1873), but that pool handicapped Sanae a lot, and in the same pool we also can see how powerful the rare status affects a yukkuri. And we got a pool that Sanae massacres the whole Reimu - Marisa family (pool #1699), but again, she's a pet (or a yutuber), so who knows?

Remilia, Flandre, and Youmu are not rare types though.