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Yukkuri Pinball

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Awkward Specimen said:
The first choice, but only if the two springs at the bottom left and right corners (We're playing the Windows version, right?) are replaced with spikes.

Well i was talking about Pinball in general, we may even use the "in the yukkuri world" approach to discuss real pinball tables with yu's inside, if someone wants to.

Family friendly version: "Yu! Yu! Reimu's bouncing! Happiness!" and a happy little ball jumping around. What fun! "Mister! Reimu wants to play again!"

Abuse version: "OUCH! AAH! IT HURDZ! WGY IZ DIS HAPPENING!" and bruised, bleeding manjuu repeatedly suffering violent impact with various parts of the machine, then finishing as a messy bean paste pulp in some contraption. "Should I play again?" The next yu-ball trembles and pisses itself when I reach for it...

Someone draw this!

I don't really like pinball in general so I'm fairly indifferent towards something like this... but if I see one at a resturant or something hell yea I'd play it while waiting for my table.

Skribulous said:
Something easier would be a Yukkuri Pachinko game, with hazards peppered throughout the board.

That'd be such a fucking mess to clean up. Can you imagine needing to clean out the machines every 15 minutes?