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Anko3617: Mister Spider Thread is easy!

Anon is observing a common scene, where a yukkuri Reimu is frantically begging the passing humans to save its child, saying the ko is easy and cute, that it doesn't care about itself as long as the little one can be saved. He notes that this is something yukkuris wouldn't do unless they were totally desperate. After watching the scene for a while, he leaves to prepare.


Anon comes back with chocolate sweets, and shows it to the Reimu, saying that the ko would recover quick if it ate them. Reimu immediately asks for him to give them over, and the ko wakes up as well to do the same.

"Nope, I didn't say I'm going to give them to you. Why should I have to give you sweet-sweet?"
Anon asks, eating the sweets himself.

Reimu panics and starts begging for it.
The little one will die, it says.
"So what? It should just die."
That's so cruel, it screams.
"Cruel? Am I cruel?"
Yes, it insists, the little one never did anything wrong, they're just living, and it's an irreplaceable life.
"No it isn't, yukkuris keep reproducing, they come and go. Plus they're irritating, so just hurry up and die."

So saying, Anon chomps on another chocolate.

The Reimu changes tack, begging for just ONE, as Anon has so many, and that he's strong and cool. He refuses, and she goes on, saying that the little one is about to die, asking whether it doesn't move him.

"Aren't you the same?"
No, it's not, the yukkuri replies, unlike mister human, it wouldn't abandon those who were going to die, and save other yukkuris on the verge of death.
"Ohh! What an outstanding yukkuri you are! I have to give you sweet-sweets then!"

With Reimu thanking him, Anon gives it a whole pile of sweets, telling it that it taught him to give charity to those who are pitiful. The ko demands to eat it now, but Reimu tells it to wait until they've returned back home.

As they prepare to dig in, many weak voices can be heard from the outside, begging for sweet-sweets. Reimu looks out, and to her shock, finds nearly ten koyukkuris, Reimus, Marisas and Alices, crawling towards its home. All of them were more emaciated than Reimu's ko was, and some of them were leaking paste too.

They beg it for sweet-sweet, saying that they don't want to die. Reimu thinks to itself, if it gives them the sweet-sweets, there wouldn't be anymore left for its child. So it lies, telling them that there isn't any.

"Yuuu...? Wrryyyy..."
The koyukkuris ask, they heard that there were sweet-sweets here, and ask for it again.

Just as the Reimu denies it again, its child's delighted scream comes from inside the house, 'Happinesssssss~~~!!!'

The koyukkuris realize that there is sweet-sweets after all, and resume crawling towards the home. Reimu, realizing that its lie has been found out, decides that there is no other choice. Reimu puffs up, scaring some of them into crying and wetting themselves.

"Wryyy...? Wry did Aunchie, lie choo ush...?"
"Pleash... help ush... Reimyu, doeshn't wanch choo die...!!"
"Sh...shut up!! These sweet-sweets are Reimu's!! Reimu got them!! Reimu bowed to scary-scary mister human, begged so hard, and finally got sweet-sweets!! You all never did a thing, yet come asking for it now!! If you want it, then get it yourselves!!"

The koyukkuris renew their wailing, and Reimu finally loses its temper. Screaming 'Shut up' many times, it jumps on top of them. After it crushes the kos, Reimu says that its not at fault, and that this was all for its child. So saying, it returns to the box that is its home, where the Koreimu is sleeping off its tasty meal.

Suddenly, something knocks on the wall of its home.
"Hello there, can I talk to you for a bit?"
It's the Anon who gave them sweet-sweets.


As Reimu watches in confusion, he looks into the dirty box, commenting that if they left any sweet-sweets, he would have taken them back.
Finding some left still, he takes them away.

The Reimu demands to know why, and he tells it that he thinks he shouldn't have helped them.
"Heh~ Then, 'WRY' didn't you save those kos?"
Anon asks, pulling painfully on Reimu's hair and ribbon, turning it to see the deed it had committed.

It's been ten minutes since it crushed all the koyukkuris, and they have all turned black. None have survived.

"I'm asking you why didn't you save them. Come on, tell me why."
"Didn't you say you wouldn't abandon yukkuris that were about to die?
That you were different from humans, that you would save all the yukkuris?"
Stuttering at first, the Reimu finally screams that it had no choice.
"What choice?"
If it gave away the sweets, they'd all be gone.
It had no choice, it insists, it couldn't save all of them.
"So you didn't just refuse to help, but you even killed all of them?"
It yells at Anon to shut up, and repeats that it had no choice.
"But you had enough for all of them. At least once."
Then they would all be gone, couldn't he understand that easy?!
"Nope, I brought some more."

Anon shows her the contents of the bag he's carrying. Inside has tens of bags of chocolate sweets, just bought from the convenience store.

He tells it that he wanted to give some more to the magnaminous yukkuri that would help others. That he thought it would certainly give help, so he told the kos he met about the place where Reimu was.
Back then he didn't have any sweet-sweets on him, because he gave them to Reimu. He thought that if the kos went to where Reimu was, Reimu would give them sweet-sweets. And while Reimu would look after the kos, he would go back home to bring more sweet-sweets.
"Or so I thought... Hey, Reimu. Mind explaining what happened?"

Reimu can only go 'Ah... ah...' in shock.

Anon is enjoying how Reimu is unable to speak. Actually, all those koyukkuris were starving ones he gathered from around the place, wounding some of them to provide the setting.

He continues to verbally attack the Reimu, asking to hear a reason, accusing it for spouting sweet words to get sweets from humans, but crushing others who begged her for it, and finally sarcastically complimenting it on its way of living, the thief.
"!!... Bud... Buuuuuddd!!"
"But nothing. Humans are the same. We only care about ourselves. Just like a human, there's no reason to help other yukkuris. Understand, ea-shy?"

Saying that, Anon opens a bag of chocolates and eats one.
"Ah~ah, if Reimu was a yukkuri that helped others, I would have given you a mountain of chocolates. A party filled with sweet-sweets for everyone, and all could take it easy~"
Reimu just cries, clenching its teeth.

Moaning about how shocked he is, Anon says he'll never help yukkuris anymore.
"And so, you guys. Because of that, there won't be any sweet-sweets!"

Anon opens another bag he left nearby, and takes out the two Marisas, one Reimu and one Alice from inside. Their mouths have been gagged with tape, but they're glaring hotly at the Reimu.

He tells Reimu that he also told them about the helpful Reimu, and that with him providing the sweets, everyone would no longer suffer. But of course, things didn't turn out that way. He then tells Reimu that the koyukkuris it killed? They were the children of these four. And that since it was difficult to carry adults, he carried the kos over first...

"Okay, since I'm disillusioned over this, I'm going back first. Have fun talking to everyone."
Anon leaves after removing the tape gags.

He thinks to himself how interesting it is to set things up so that the other side of yukkuris get exposed. That they are superficial things.

That's why they are interesting. And because of that, Anon thinks he wouldn't be stopping his abyuse anytime soon.

He would come see the Reimu tomorrow.


Reimu is being attacked by the four, it begs for mercy, but they refuse.
The Marisa is so mad, that Reimu wets itself in fear.

They continue to punish it, but Alice finally asks the dreaded question.
"Where is the little one!?"

Reimu, realizing what would happen to its precious, only, little one, starts screaming and apologizing, begging them not to kill the Koreimu. But apologizing wouldn't bring the kos back, they tell it, how dare it ask such a thing when it killed their children. In the end, they find the ko, and bring it out before its mother.

Rudely awakened and in pain, the Koreimu can only ask what's wrong. Laughing softly, the four yukkuris surround the koyukkuri, talking about how their children died for this child as Reimu screams for them to stop.

One after another, they stab the ko with sticks, raising the excreting Koreimu up into the air. Pissed off by the mother's screams, Marisa knocks it down, where the blackened body of a dead Komarisa is right in front of its face.

Spare the little one, Reimu pleads.
"Bring back Alice's little one!! Then we'll spare the little one too!!"
Reimu can only say sorry over and over.

The four yukkuris continue torturing the ko, who screams that it doesn't want to die and begs its mother to save it. Finally, the Koreimu is dropped in front of its mother, nearly in pieces, but its life is still flickering.

"Yufuu~ we'll let you off with this~"
Reimu tries her best to lick her little one.
"Yuooops~~ Marisa's feet sliiiiiiipped!!!"

As Reimu stares at the crushed remains of its child, the four close in on it once more, reminding it about how this would never had happened if it had saved their children... and that things weren't over yet.


Anon comes back the next day to find Reimu's corpse. It had a huge hole inside it, with most of its paste carved out and replaced with dirt, trash and stones. Also inside are its child and its own dug out eyes. Anon wonders if that happened while it was alive or after it died, but seeing its expression of suffering leads him to conclude its the former.

Looking around, he finds Marisa and Alice have moved into Reimu's former home. When he peeks inside, they call out to him with weak voices.

Give sweet-sweets... they ask, we punished the uneasy yukkuri...
Anon concludes that they're claiming to be yukkuri who can take it easy even after doing all that.

Laughing softly, he takes out a bag of chocolates.

"Oh oh? Why do I have to give you sweet-sweets?"

The last part is a short verse from the story of how Buddha sends a spider's thread to save a sinner from hell in return for not stepping on a spider when he was still alive. For those who don't know the story, the sinner climbs up, but seeing the other prisoners of hell rushing for his flimsy thread, he cuts them away, only to end up falling back in as well.



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