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I noticed the "Explict" and "Questionable" types of pictures.

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Is there any sort of conduct this goes through? Just making sure in case I needed to edit any tags or such.

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No. This is something leftover from Danbooru. There's something that lets you display only "safe" pictures I think but I haven't played around with it that much.

I know it's something from Danbooru, but I noticed the newest pictures (The ones with the big Deibu and the dying ko) were marked Questionable and Explict. Just wanted to make sure what they would count as.

I think its relatively appropriate. :)

If other people feel differently about the standards feel free to tell me.

Well, the feature was there so I just slapped them on while uploading. You have to set a rating, anyway (so I just put what I thought was appropriate), but it's not really anything new or going to overturn the system...

I say take the Danbooru route and leave it for sexual content only. Though that may open a can of worms of how whether it would apply to humans, Yukkuris, or both.

Everything defaulted to Questionable, I think, when things were migrated. So no...

Thankfully, I suppose we already had our own makeshift ratings with the whole FF label and non_violent for "safe" things.

I don't know, if it's there, why not use it?

Well, we'd have to determine a standard, but once that's done. . .

Well, since we have non_violent already filtering out for violence, I think mutantpenguin's suggestion makes a good deal of sense.