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Translated Ankos

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I wasn't sure how many people were aware of this but, platina and Wrathkal have been putting up translated summaries of ankos under the Wiki page. Since all stories are not always accompanied by pictures and updated Wiki pages are not displayed in a very public manner, I figured I'd make this thread to update people whenever a new anko is put up.

The current list of ankos that are translated (summaries) can be found here:

Since comments can't be made to anko pages, I encourage everyone to discuss ankos here, so we don't have to make a new thread for every anko.


Wrathkal said:
anko0510 up. It's quite long, but I enjoyed it. Actually managing to drive a yukkuri insane by power of speech alone...

How times have changed..

platina: It seems to me that anko0329 was an anti-abuse story, kinda like how Welcome to the NHK was an anti-hikikomori story (despite failing to address the causes, but thats a different discussion). Or was something lost in translation?