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Marisas Easy Place

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Tragedy happened while mister human was waiting at the station, mr train could not take it easy with him, and mister human dropped dead very easy.

following the easy path, Mister Human found an easy place where mister human must make a decision.

M: Mister Human, this is Marisas easy place ze.
MH: so it happened, I... died?
M: all mister humans drop dead easy ze, cause mister humans are stupid ze.
MH: how can you say that? I...just...died.
M: Marisa is very strong ze.
MH: (must hold my tears, at least for now) Mister...
M: Marisa is Marisa ze.
MH: Mister Marisa, I hav...
M: This is Mister Hat, Mister hat is very easy ze.
MH: I see.. excuse me but I hav...
M: Marisa wants a Reimu to do Rub-Rub with and have little ones ze, but only little ones that look like Marisa ze, Marisa is not interested in little ones that do not look like Marisa ze, cause little ones that do not look like Marisa are not easy ze.
MH: I dont know any Reimu... you see, I have a ques...
M: Mister Human have to choose ze.
MH: this is it, I know it, Ive read about it, is the trial, the trial about my life… right?
M: Marisa cant read ze.
MH: I know Im not perfect, but Im not a bad person, I swear, at least give me another chance!
M: Marisa cant read ze, Mister monkey that dropped dead easy once told wonderful Marisa that mister trial was in mister book, but that Marisa cannot read ze, whatever that is ze.
MH: so can I…go?
M: this is Marisas easy place ze, Mister Human must leave now after chosen which way ze… this is Marisas easy place ze… and this is Marisas easy place ze… now choose dirty Mister Human and leave.


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