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The guy who pays for hosting finally noticed he's getting charged too much

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As I expected, this happened randomly, months after I warned him that Dreamhost forced us to move to a private server. Unfortunately it happened just after we got this shiny new migration; I'd like to apologize to Toawa and yoga for taking up their time last month.

I haven't got any "move off my server" notice yet, but I have a feeling that the bill was quite high and my magical bill evasion technique blackmail will only work once. Needless to say the ad banner money, totaling $200, will be sent to him.

Further bulletins as events warrant.


I'm willing to donate if need be.

Can we do some math and figure out how much we need to click on those ads in order to generate the needed sum? I'm assuming that more clicks will generate more money, and I think all of us here are willing to spend some extra minutes messing with ads to keep the site running.