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City-sect definition

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So I was wondering what exactly does city-sect mean and where did that translation come from? It's not a phrase found in English and 'sect' isn't a very commonly-used word in English either.

I understand that Alice makes a distinction between those from the countryside and those from the city. In Japanese she says "inakamono" which means country bumpkin and "tokai wa" which somehow became city-sect. Google Translate translates it as "urban" but my initial feel for the meaning is more along the lines of "how city-like."

My take on it is that she aspires to be like someone from the city (maybe because she thinks people from the city can take it more easy). Nice Alices are very lady-like and proper like someone who would live in a city (a long time ago) so I'm thinking that maybe her phrase is a reference to the upper-class of society that lives in cities and acts that way, in which case "tokai wa" would imply something like "How upper-class."


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city-sect is basically a statement used by those people that think "City Standars" are the greatest, basically anything that city people consider proper and right, many times it's "upper-class". Sometimes it leads to looking down on more "country like" life style, reason why they insult people that doesn't fill their standars with the "country bumpkin" label.

I personally prefer a translation in Danbooru that say "urban style". But "city sect" is already a commonly used term here, so...

Besides, most time it's nothing more than Alice type version of "easy", which is close to reach the abstraction level of the word "smurf" in Smurf language.

BTW, in kanji, 都会派
Imagine the plot of a character moving to countryside out of her own will and she found how the country bumpkins are late in trend and act like stupid when seeing things already so common in the city she came from.

You ever heard of the term "city-slicker"?

City-sect is suppose to be the postive connotation version of that phrase. There just exists no real term in english that meets that criteria so "city-sect" is the stand in.

I always thought it ironic that alices would say “city sect,” considering that their emulee, Alice Murgatroid, lives in a rural area.

Pretty sure the city-sect thing came from one of the touhou games, and it's just a long running fan joke. She does live in the forest after all.