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Regarding uploading edited translations...

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Specifically regarding and the mister page following it.

Easy is doing edit edit on these two mister pages so Easy can take it more easy while reading. Easy is not a skilled mister editor and takes it too easy while editing, so Easy's edits don't look as good as skilled mister editors' edits.

Easy also doesn't know if any other mister editors are doing edit edit on these mister pages.

Should Easy upload Easy's edited mister pages even though they are ugly? Easy knows mister pool might not be able to take it easy if it has many copies of the same mister pages from different mister editors?

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yukiyuzen said:
All I got out of that was:

I take roleplaying too seriously.

Easy likes to take it easy!

If mister yukiyuzen took it more easy mister yukiyuzen could get more out of it too!

We're not competing or anything here but if you take up a series someone else has done a nice job on already you should try to match the quality. Poorly done copies are fine in the short term but don't get offended if someone else decides to make it a bit better later down the road.

We always take the "better" copy and delete out the low-res/quality ones.

Easy understands that there is no competition! Competition makes everyone uneasy.

Easy doesn't mind if Easy's mister edits are deleted later. Easy is doing edit edit for now because Easy wants to put the pictures on Easy's mister hard drive, and Easy can't take it easy when she has to look below the picture at a text box for translations.

Easy is just wondering that, since Easy is doing edit edit anyway, if she should upload her edited mister pages, until the better edit of mister page is done by someone else.

Good God, Yukkuris now know how to access the internet!

Reminds me of that Anko where Reimu calls 911 for her (abusive) owner. Anyone have that, btw? I can't seem to find it.

Nuuhmmmuunnnhhhh... Easy here.

Forgot my password. Made a new account. Sorry to the mods if I caused any trouble.

And forget the yukkuri-speak. Thought it would be cute but it was just a hassle. Uploading the edits now.