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Favorite yukkuri?

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As in, like to abyuse or like to see in FF stories?

I like Yuka and Nazrin types, but a good Flandre/predator type is hard to overlook.

for Abyuse: nothing beats (sic) a Deibu.

Well I meant all around so both, I guess.

for non-abuse: Alice, Chen and Ran. If I could have them as pets I would have a Reimu as a mate for Alice.
for abyuse: Patchouli, Ran, Chen, but especially Remilia. >:)

For Pet/Loving my favourites are The Yuukas, Chens, Patchoulis and Ayas.

For Abyuse I don't have a favourite type, since my only requisite is for it to be scum/shithead, if anything I prefere them to be as arrogant and as smug as possible, so it would make their downfall the sweeter.

I have nothing but love, wish for happiness and free whipping for every kind of yukkuri.
But if I could have only one of them for a daily session of abuse I'd say Patchouli.

For a pet, I’d go for a bodied flandre. They’re easy to feed, since you can just go out and bag some stray yukes now and then. (Just walk around town, and the varmints will come out to accost you. Invite them into your home and pop the mama and brats in the freezer for a few days. The papa can be dinner for that night. Thaw the frozen ones before serving.)

For abuse, the ubiquitous bodyless reimus and marisas are my favorite targets.

Since Jojo bumped, I'll jump in and say that for a pet, I'd want to rescue a cute, sad Komarisa or Koalice mistreated by fate but valiantly struggling onward, like one of these:

To abyuse, I'll go totally orthodox and say a Reimu. Maybe a standard Reimu-Marisa shithead family if I wanted a little more variety.

It's funny, I can't think of any "poor widdle Weimu" stories that tug at my heartstrings the way those Alice and Marisa ones do. I mean, I think Ayazou's mini-Reimu is a nice little yukkuri who deserves better than she gets, but her suffering seems more comical/grotesque than moving.

JusticeItEasy said:

Ever read this one? I think it's good enough to count for being a bit sad.

Thanks for the link! If I ever read it, it was long ago. That wasn't a bad suggestion, but I still derived more amusement than pathos from it. I think partly it's the art style, and the way that for most of it, it's just kind of comedy abyuse that Weimu keeps bouncing back from.