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A fatwa, from me

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As some of you who read the wiki may know, I have been going through the Anko related pool and adding anko summaries. I humbly request that we try to add all known ankos to the wiki, even if they're just summaries. If they're fully translated in the google group, then add a link.

P.S. I don't know what to do with multi-anko stories (like what's going on at post #17968, for example).

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danogoat said:
yuhad! YUHAD!

quiet, you dirty iranian

yu es ay! yu es ay!

zidana123 said:
Thank you for the many wiki updates! :D

I've been reading them happily.

thanks. i've been enjoying reading through them as I go too.

Skribulous said:
We also may need to "standardize" the anko numbering too. Should the older anko have zeros added to them (like anko0285) or not (like anko625)?

i'd say no zeroes (might as well make it anko00000000000000000000000285 and anko00000000625)