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The issue of the browser

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Hello OYP. I have an issue in that whenever I want to see an image, I have to right click and open it in another tab. Regular left clicking does nothing. Also, I am sometimes not able to comment (I write the comment but the post button isn't working. I have noticed that my issue now extends to similar sites (like gelbooru). My browser is firefox. Does anyone know of a solution?


Sounds like you got some javascript issues. A lot of stuff on booru style sites are javascript heavy, and if its extending to other boorus then it's not just our site.

Best I can do without going in depth with troubleshooting is to advise checking your firefox addons and making sure you're at least on firefox 13. Also try the site with other browsers like chrome and IE to see if they work.

Skribulous said:
Or simply uncheck block scripting, which is most like what your browser is set to.

How do I do that?

Ok, It works with internet explorer but I still want it to work with firefox. Is there something wrong with my settings somewhere?

Psycho2112 said:
How do I do that?

From the Menu bar, go to Tools > Options > Content

Make sure Block popup windows is unchecked.

Make sure Enable Javascript is checked.

Then check your addons if you have stuff like Adblock plus or Noscript. Add to their block exceptions lists.

I'd charge you $50 for that tech support stuff, but this is a freebie. ;)

Unfortunately, this still isn't working. But I have noticed something. When the page is loading (you know, the rotating thing shows up) I can click images and it works, plus I can mouse over multiple translation boxes, which is significant because when the page is fully loaded I can only access one translation box per page. So everything is fine but only when the page is loading. What gives?