One Yukkuri Place


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Go here:

On the left, scroll down to "2-D Guro Flipside" and click on that. You will see a screen warning you that there is graphic content here. Click on the left large blue word to enter. You will be taken to where all the threads are posted, but don't scroll down. Instead, look at the second bullet point under where you enter information for a new post. Click on the second blue word. Now you will be at a catalog of all threads ordered by newest to oldest, with the newest on the left and the oldest on the right; this allows you to know the relative age of the threads. Most of the threads will be about jissousekis and the thread you'll be looking for is the one with a recent yukkuri picture and red letters on it. That's where the latest pictures are posted.

slowly slowly...

i guess its the same as 4chan, considering its based on it. Of course, no gaijins are allowed

Voting on comments seems to be working for some people.

I would prefer it be off, since people just use it to anonymously snipe at each other, and it makes a site less friendly.

In the comments view, some of the comments keep being voted down and becoming hidden, so it looks like there's still some way to vote.

[edit] Nope. It's just set to hide enough comments that up to six are displayed from one post.