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Advice for making stories

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Since I have gotten some self-confidence regarding my ability to write, I have decided to be very easy and write some stuff for you to enjoy, I've thought to stop by and ask for some advice and so, regarding stuff that one may have to think about and what is good to do.

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Treat it as any other creative piece. Establish some rules in the world, and don't try to deviate too far from established fanon initially. Some people might take offense to yukkuris that don't melt in the rain, can shoot danmaku and flies away in the face of danger.

Some details are important, but decide what you want to focus on. Nature theme? City theme? A yukkuri vs the world? Start with something small, a short story perhaps would be good.

Try to stay away from deux ex machina if possible, and don't introduce too many yukkuris or characters. It's hard to differentiate between big-sis reimu, little sis-reimu, the reimu that's older than little sis but younger than big-sis, and their neighbor reimu-from-under-the-tree. I tend to only have 1 of each type on screen if possible.

Other than that, just run with it! We can't give any feedback if there are no stories! :D

Ok, I'm thinking of dividing it into two perspectives in the first couple of chapters or so, one for the human in the story and one for "the" yukkuri. I have almost done a good draft for the first chapter for each person, and I will do some adjustments too of course, so expect them to come up within a day or so.

There's also what's called "observation" genre.
You don't do anything to the yukkuri, just let the world do its thing on them.

Yeah, I'm having a storyteller in it, to be able to explain the foundations of what a yukkuri is and else-wise. The only sad things is that I'm probably going to miss out on some details.