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Tag subscriptions?

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I've added some pools to my tag subscription list to help me keep track of them. However, none of the images from their respective pools are showing up on their sections of my profile page, nor when I click the >> link next to the section headers.

I can still basically use the tag subscription list at the upper part of the page to keep track of them, so it's not really that big a problem, but I'm quite puzzled. This works just fine on Danbooru!


1. go to the User Settings page (My Account > Settings)

2. find the bolded Tag Subscriptions section; click the edit link there.

3. Click the Add button to create a new subscription group.

4. Fill in the Name field with the title you want to give to the group, and add any tags that you want to appear in the group in the Tags field. Click the Save button.
(Repeat this step to rename groups you've already created, or to add/remove tags from the group.)

5. Go to your User Profile page (My Account > My Profile).
The Tag Subscriptions section of the user stats table should show the names of the tag subscription groups you created, and which tags were added to them.

Also, below the Recent Uploads and Recent Favorites sections - where you can view thumbnails of the 5 most recent items - the Tag Subscription groups should appear in a similar fashion.

The 5 newest posts containing any of the tags in the subscription should show up. Also, just like the Recent Favorites/Uploads sections, clicking the >> should show all of the posts in that category.

Here's Anelaid's Danbooru profile page as a demonstration of how it should look:

...versus mine on OYP, showing how it shouldn't: