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Untranslated and translation_available tags

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If theres a translation available in the comments, shouldn't we remove the untranslated tag? Having both tags seems redundant.

Updated by Hourai

It does, sort of, but it's established tagging policy at this point.


untranslated: Text seen in pic is in Japanese.

untranslated original: replaces untranslated when there's an image with the text 'shopped in available.

translation request: Fairly obvious what this is.

translation available: Replaces translation request when all the text on the image has been translated, either via translation notes, or (for posts from before the site overhaul) translations left in the comments section. This is a signal to potential editors that the image is ready for 'shopping.

So, a post with untranslated and translation available means that the image itself is still in Japanese, but that there is a translation available for it.

Hm, I understand all of it except untranslated original. That just seems like an impossible tag to use when it comes to the archives.

untranslated_original is VERY important because that way we don't have people trying to make English edits for stuff that already has an edited version. Editors use "translation_available -untranslated_original" to find works that haven't had English edits yet. It's not really used, or meant to be used, by anyone outside editors.