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Relay Manga V2 (2012~2015)

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Even though last year's manga left a sour taste in people mouths, I think we can do a new one. Of course we have to set some strict guidelines so we dont let it hanging, and considering that most of the guys who worked on it last year are still around, and that we have some new faces, i think we can do this. So far, ThatOneGuy has confirmed that he is up for a new one, and so do I, so what do you guys think?

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I don't know. I understand a Relay should have deadlines that aren't too far apart but I think what turned people away from the previous one was because of that very strictness. I followed SUN's deadline in the past but if we do another relay this time around I think we should be lax about it. Consider it an experiment to see which is better.

I'll probably be loosely around for this one too. We'll see though.

I was not referring to strict guidelines about the time that we should take between pages. I was thinking more about the story, which became a huge mess in the middle of the last relay. It went from a normal story to "what twist should i add for the next page", which was commented by Fragtagonal (rip)

I recommend doing it in chapters. One person defines the overall theme of the work and divides it into chapters of 13 pages or so. Each chapter has general guidelines of what characters are available and sets any constraints on the conditions of the characters at the end of the chapter,

i.e. The chapter must start with a Reimu, a Marisa, two koreimu, and a komarisa. At the end of the chapter the koreimu are mad at the komarisa and the Reimu is missing her accessory. The exact how and why is NOT defined. Unless otherwise indicated, everyone reverts back to a default state when the chapter ends, like a sitcom.

This person will then submit the outline to the community.

Once the outline created, different people will claim the individual chapters. They will write the plot, dialogue and storyboard the pages of the chapter. Once they are finished they will submit their storyboards to the community.

Once the storyboards are created, contributors can claim chapters to work on. Once the chapters are complete they submit it to the community.

This way no one has overall control over content but there will still be continuity of story.

zidana, you can use the relay as you want. its not really a comic like the ones that kiriraitaa does, you can make it 3 panels, one pic and story or a comic page.

It's not so much the format as the drawing speed (lack of) and inability to draw various things plus deadlines. :(

Nothing kills love faster than deadlines. :(

Ok dosu is confirmed to be in so we have 3 regulars and 1 backup.

So i guess we can get started on dis

I got the script!

page 1: danogoat is a hentai
page 2: danogoat is a super hentai
page 3: danogoat in peril: super hentai sanaeaki appears!?
page 4: nhooo

first of all: i'm in
second: danogoat, you'll have to learn anatomy to make amazing bodied yukkuri. start practicing. do "research"

ive been drawing something, but i dont know if i should get started or if i should wait for opinions on the theme. one way or another im making a new series

okay i guess ill quote SUN

I'll start it. Consider my next upload to be the start of the comic. I'll make it open-ended so the next artist will be able to take it in many directions.

There is one rule we should follow: no killing off characters until we reach a consensus. We don't want the story to go: "Once upon a time... everybody died.

so ill start it. Anyone can claim the next page, then everyone else claims the next spot and so... everyone has 7 days max until he draws his page or the next person on line gets the job.



About the format for the pages, you can use:

Comic page like Kiriraitaa
1 shot with text like m1 or ammo stories
or 4koma style

Also, try to use color only if you are sure that you will end in time.

I thought about the chapter format, but... i think it limits the freedom for the artist.

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