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Yukkuri Raising VN Game

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As I mentioned in SUPER DRAWING CHIME, I'm working on a Yukkuri Raising game using the Ren'Py Visual Novel engine. It coming together well and I should have a initial release ready by next weekend.

The concept is similar to the Monster Rancher game series. Every day the player can take an action to interact with their yukkuri and it affects invisible stat points. At the end of 30 days, the yukkuri has a little one and its nature depends on the parent's stats.

Updated by HankySpank

Alright, project update.

I'm done programming the game and I'm generally satisfied with the game system. I'll begin drawing and replacing the sketches I put in as placeholders. I still expect to have a release ready by the weekend.

11/17/12 project update:

I haven't gotten as far with the drawings as I would like. I'll release a version tomorrow but it have alot of placeholder sketches.

11/18/2012 Project Update:

v0.1 released! I ended up cutting back the image count for now, I'll add them in later releases.

Here's the basics, you have 30 days to raise a Reimu. At the end of the 30 days, the Reimu has children and the dialogue changes slightly based on your Reimu's ending stats. There is an option to eat your Reimu at anytime and its taste will depend on its life. The third possible ending is that your Reimu will get yukkuritis and die prematurely, be careful.

Future plans are to revise the artwork, add in music/sound effects, and expand the variety of options. Larger scale plans are to add in animated sprites, the option to choose what type of yukkuri to raise, and adjust the game so the player has to raise two yukkuri at the same time.

How is it? I wanted to use a hidden point system with dialog as a general indicator of status but I'm not sure if that makes it too difficult or if the dialog is too vague.

The dialogue was pretty clear, I think. Then again I happen to know a lot of yukkuri lingo, as well as what makes them tasty.

If you want you could always take the monster rancher inspiration a little further and use little colored boxes to tell you what each option affects.