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The First Yukkuri? (link)

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Artist's commentary:

It's the revised version of my cover page for my Japanese translation of Edward Page Mitchell's “The Man Without A Body”. (See also my pixiv novels page.)

What surprised me while translating the text was the secret of the birth of Yukkuri, hidden in this old 18th century novella - I never thought to find it there!
How the Yukkuri first came to be? What was wrong with taking it too easy!?

Read the novel, and you'll know why!

Link to the story:

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Saw it when it was just uploaded, but didn't want to post it blindly without reading it first.

To summarize:
Scientist invents teleporter, screws up, ends up teleporting only his head.
Don't know why that didnt kill him, but the story is pretty grotesque and obviously not supposed to make any sense.

I guess that does overlap somewhat with the joke about yukkuris being a failed magical experiment, but that's about it.