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Maybe should open a new pool to shinya (し ん や )?

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he have a Series is【毎日がおさゆく記念日】
so…… "Daily osatou yukkuri Memorial Day"?

For example.
January 1.New Year

January 2.early dream

It is best to "Mount Fuji", after" Eagle",the third "eggplant",fourth" fan ",the fifth"tobacco"",sixth" blind artist "

The Japanese believe on January 2 to dream saw can get lucky.

Majority is festive(Japan)

and have
January 9!
Iku day.
Iku(いく)=19(homonym)=January 9

this is him paint a significance.
very Interesting,right?


I don't know my grammar is correct or wrong...
【毎日がおさゆく記念日】 = "Daily osatou yukkuri Memorial Day"?

記念日 can also translate to 'Holiday' or 'Anniversary'... though if it's daily then 'Anniversary' wouldn't make sense. 'Memorial Day' is okay but sounds like somebody died. :|

That's just my opinion though. "Daily Osatou Yukkuri Memorial Day" is a technically correct translation.


"記念日"Translation english "Memorial Day"
but chinese look is " 阵亡将士纪念日 "

maybe "Daily osatou yukkuri Anniversary" is the best?

English word 'anniversary' (usually) implies 'once a year'. So 'daily anniversay' is a contradiction.

I think the best option would be to tweak it slightly and go with "Daily Osatou Yukkuri Celebration". Like how poweryoga described it.