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Story: Winter Time Easiness

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Chapter 1

“Yu! Yunyaaaa!”

The little koyukkuri shouted with delight as she bounded out of the nest. Her braids spun around as she began to roll around in the fresh springtime grass. Her prized red ribbon cushioned her silky black hair.

“Bwig Sis! Wait for Maricha, ze!” A second koyukkuri followed as fast as she could. A black witch's hat with a white hat band and bow threatened to bounce off with every bound but held on. Her yellow hair peeked out from beneath her hat brim while her braid streamed out behind her.

Reimu watched with glowing pride as her Little Ones played in the field in front of their newly opened nest. She and Marisa were truly blessed with the Little Ones who were born during the long winter.

Last autumn, Marisa prepared an excellent nest hole in the hollow of a half-buried log. The shell of the log provided a sturdy frame for the ceiling of the nest hole and the dirt below cleared out easily to form a nesting chamber. Marisa laid out fallen leaves along the floor as insulation and Reimu filled the nest with soft grasses.

Together they worked tirelessly to collect the supplies to feed them during the winter. Marisa hunted Mister Bugs and Mister Worms while Reimu harvested mushrooms, berries, and sweet grasses and leaves. Finally Marisa used branches to seal up the entrace to the nest hole and the two of them settled in for winter hibernation.

Marisa and Reimu's parents taught them well and their nest hole kept them safe throughout the winter. The nest was well insulated and the decaying plant matter kept them warm. The soft grasses cushioned them as they huddled together in their sleep. During the depth of their winter dreams, warm and comfortable, they rubbed together in the fulfillment of Yukkuri easiness.

Over the next few days, a stalk sprouted from Reimu's forehead. One by one, little buds began to form along the length of the stalk. Two of the buds developed and opened into the form of two little koyukkuri who silently dreamed of their Mommy and their Daddy and their future easiness. Two of the buds remained closed and never began to dream at all.

Although they had a very easy nest, in Reimu's paste core her instincts knew better. Reimu was healthy and well-fed but she did not have the sheer mass of a deibu. The land was prosperous but was not bountiful enough to sustain a larger family. Reimu's body nourished two of the buds into life but left the rest unfulfilled and eventually they were absorbed back into the stalk.

Over the next two weeks, the koyukkuri continued to grow and develop. Their features began to become defined, first two slits for eyes and then a mouth formed in a blissful smile. Tufts of hair began forming from the stem, lightly colored at first but darkening into the color their mature forms would take. Little accessories began to grow, marking their type. Finally, two fully-formed koyukkuri hung from Reimu's birthing stalk.

Three weeks into pregnancy, the koyukkuri's mouths began to open. Their mouths and teeth were fully formed and they began to give little koyukkuri myuh's in their sleep. Their cries are a signal to their parents who began to wake from their hibernation.

Marisa was the first to awaken to the soft sing-song of the koyukkuri. She stared at the koyukkuri in wonder as warmth spread through her awakening body.

“H-happiness!” she exclaimed as her eye's filled with tears. Here were two Little Ones, the ultimate expression of the love that Marisa and her beautiful Reimu shared with each other. Marisa nudged against Reimu to shake her awake.

“Reimu! Reimu! Don't take it easy and wake up, ze!” Reimu blinked sleepily as she shook off months of hibernation.

“Yunya? Marisa?” Reimu nuzzled back and was filled with warmth by Marisa's smile.

“Marisa and Reimu have been blessed with two very easy looking little ones!” Reimu stared in wonder at the two sleeping koyukkuri hanging in front of her. She could feel them through the stalk, little pulses of life and flashes of thought. Contentment and love, that's what she felt. She could feel their dreams, their wishes to always take it easy together. Through their bond they knew she could feel their easiness and that it was reciprocated. The feelings of love flowing between them was almost more then Reimu could bear.



The newly formed family embraced in their moment of complete easiness.

Chapter 2

The awakened yukkuri basked in paternal bliss. They consumed the supplies they laid away last autumn, regaining the bulk lost during hibernation. Reimu ate voraciously, consuming food for herself and her growing Little Ones. The koyukkuri continued to mature, their voices growing stronger as their sing-song myuh's changed to the 'yu' cries of newborn koyukkuri. Finally, they were ready to be born.

The cessation of the koyukkuri's cries were the signal that they were ready. Reimu settled herself in the middle of the nest while Marisa prepared her Mister Hat to catch the Little Ones. The first Little One, a Reimu, began to shake on her stem.


With a soft pop, the little Reimu detached from her stem and fell into her father's waiting hat. Marisa craddled the Little One then carefully rolled her onto the dried grass of the nest. The parent waited expectantly as the Little One slowly opened her eyes and looked around at the giants around her.



“... chake id eajy!”

“T-take it easy!” Marisa and Reimu joyfully returned little Reimu's greeting. Little Reimu was flooded with trust in her parents and hopped over to do rub-rub with her mother.

“Little one...” Reimu smiled in closed eyed contentment as she rub-rubbed with her daughter, a Reimu type.

“Reimu!” Reimu opened her eyes to see Marisa holding out her hat again. “Don't take it too easy Reimu, there is still another Little One!”

Remembering herself, Reimu settled back in the nest awaiting the next birth. “Look Little One, your Little Sister is about to be born!”

Little Reimu stared up at the birthing stalk. “ gwoing to bwe a Bwig Sis?” She watched as the little form above her began to shake then fell with a soft plop into her father's waiting hat. Marisa carefully rolled the second koyukkuri into the nest and flipped Mister Hat back onto her head.

“Liddle Sis...” Little Reimu started forward but was held back by her mother's braid. “Not yet Little One, you Little Sister has give an easy Mister Greeting.”

The family waited expectantly as the little Marisa opened her eyes and peered back at them.



“...chake id...eajy!”

“Take it easy!”

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YFT is used, it's just slow as hell because now a days very few write stuff, I was even considering writing some sort of short/side stories about the "True End verse" of my stories, but I don't have the drive to do so.

I think we just are losing the drive to write yukkuri stories in general...

JusticeItEasy said:
YFT is used, it's just slow as hell because now a days very few write stuff, I was even considering writing some sort of short/side stories about the "True End verse" of my stories, but I don't have the drive to do so.

I think we just are losing the drive to write yukkuri stories in general...



Chapter 3

Winter nesting is one of the happiest times in a wild yukkuri's life. They are born into a warm, easy place where they are surrounded by soft bedding, delicious munch-munch, and their loving parents.

For the next month or so the koyukkuri grow and learn in the safety of their nesting hole, isolated from the world. Parent yukkuri have many things to teach their Little Ones.

They learn how to do the Poo-Poo Dance so Mister Poo-Poo won't bully them. Once they can do the Poo-Poo Dance perfectly the koyukkuri are taught to use the Poo-Poo hole in a chamber away from the nesting chamber. When uneasy koyukkuri won't use the Poo-Poo hole their parents make they carry their stinky Mister Poo-Poo themselves.

Their parents also teach them to be wary about Mister Mold. They are taught to avoid uneasy yukkuri who have fuzzy gray patches. Doing clean-clean keeps Mister Mold away and the koyukkuri are taught to do clean-clean to each other. This prepares them for their own koyukkuri in the distant future and bonds the sisters together.

Marisa who is a great hunter teaches the koyukkuri about different kinds of munch-munch using their winter supplies. She also teaches them how to eat the soft grasses lining the nest and the leaves on the floor. The munch-munch is dry and bitter but feeds their tummies. As they swallow the unpleasant meal Marisa drives home why hunt-hunt is so important and why they must prepare enough supplies for bad times.

The winter isn't only about lessons, there is also a lot of playtime. Little Reimu and Little Marisa instinctively know the games that countless yukkuri have played before them. They burrow in the grass to make a nesting hole and declare, “This id Reimyu and Maricha's eajy pwace!”. They bound around the nest doing roll-roll and stretch-stretch. They take turns on the brim of Marisa's hat doing high-high, where they can see the entire nest. They take turns scaring each other by doing puff-puff but do flap-flap with their braids to show that they aren't serious.

One game the entire family plays together is singing. Reimu, who has a voice like an angel, teaches her daughters the songs handed down to her from her mother. “One, Two, Easy Days”, “Easy Mister Treasure”, and “Easiness, Happiness”.

Marisa said, “Little Ones, listen carefully! The easiness of Little One's singing is everyone's easiness! When Reimu sings, other yukkuri are able to take it easy, ze!” The koyukkuri stare at their mother in wide-eyed amazement. Marisa continued, “If Little Ones learn well, they are sure to become everyone's idols.”

Reimu puffed up in pride at Marisa's words. Marisa didn't learn any songs from her mother so she was entranced when she first heard Reimu's beautiful singing. That day Marisa brought Reimu a hatfull of delicious sweet-sweet berries and a shiny pebble, Marisa's prized Mister Treasure. “That's right, Little Ones! Sing easy Mister Song and then Little Ones will also be able to take it easy with a wonderful yukkuri like Marisa.”

The entire family beamed in shared pride and in unison began to fill the nesting hole with yukkuri song.

Chapter 4

The cozy winter days passed quickly while the koyukkuri grew and learned. Their soft, newborn skin grew firmer and more elastic and they became stronger and more energetic. Eventually winter gives way to spring and the koyukkuri were ready for life beyond their winter nest.

One morning Marisa gathered the family inside the hollow log at the entrance to their home. Over the past few days Marisa noticed a change in the air as temperatures rose and the snow melted away. The landscape was changing as life began to return to the forest.

“Little ones, Mister Winter is done being uneasy. Now Marisa, Reimu and Little Ones can leave their Easy Place.” The Little Ones looked wary, the nest hole was the only place they had ever known. “Yuwaaa. Maricha doesn't want to be leave.” Little Marisa said, with a hint of a whine. Little Reimu chimed in, “Yu! Yu! Uneajy!”

“Yuguu! Don't be uneasy, Little Ones!” Marisa scolded. “It's time to go outside! Little Ones will see, outside is very easy and there is a lot of delicious munch-munch!” The Little Ones perked up at Marisa's words, the winter supply had long run out and for the past few weeks the only food available was the nutritious but unsatisfying dried grass.

“Yuwaa! Mwunch-Mwunch!” “Outside! Outside! Rwight now is okay!”

Satisfied, Marisa turned to the entrance of the nest. Last autumn, Marisa had laid long sticks across the entrance and pulled on the bottom so they wedged into the top. Leaves and grass were mixed with Mister Poo-Poo to seal the gaps between the sticks. The daub kept out the cold winter winds and the smell kept the active and curious little koyukkuri from exploring too close to the entrance.

Marisa dipped her head to the sticks blocking the entrance. “Thank you for keeping uneasy Mister Winter from bullying everyone. Mister Door was a very easy Mister Door. But it's Mister Spring now and Mister Door is being uneasy and getting in everyone's way. Mister Door needs to DROP DEAD EASY!”

With a shout Marisa tackled the barricade with all her might. With a loud crack the sticks pop free and Mister Wall collapses into a pile of sticks and mud.

The koyukkuri cheer with all their might. “Yuyu! Dwaddy is sho stwong!” “Thawt will teach Mishter Door. Reimyu will puff-puff!” Little Reimu's cheeks swelled as she tried to intimidate the defeated Mister Door.

“Quickly, Little Ones! Come see the outside with Mommy, easy.” Reimu used her braids to shoo the Little Ones out the entrance.

  • * *

The sunlight was blinding to the eyes of the koyukkuri who had been born in almost complete darkness. The slender beams that shone through the cracks and crevices in the log had been all the illumination they had ever known. They huddled near their mother as their eyes adjusted to the light.

After a few minutes they blinked away the tears and looked upon a world of vibrant green. Everything seemed to have an unnatural brightness to it. Their father's yellow hair became pale golden and glowed with it's own light. Their mother's ribbons had a new richness to it compared to the dull red it had before. Even white and black took on new life, Marisa's white hatband changed from a hazy grey to beautiful pure white and her hat and Reimu's hair took on a silky sheen and glossiness that was imperceptible before. To the koyukkuri, it was like they were seeing Life for the first time.

“Yu! Yunyaaaa!”

Little Reimu shouted with delight as she bounded into the open fields. Her braids streamed behind her like streamers and she launched herself into the fresh springtime grass. She wriggled in joy as she rolled in the grass, her beautiful red ribbon cushioning her silky black hair.

“Bwig Sis! Wait for Maricha, ze!” Little Marisa bounced frantically after her Big Sis. Her hat clung frenetically to her yellow hair with a single braid streaming behind her. She launched herself at her Big Sis and the two laughed as they tumbled through the soft grass together.

Reimu and Marisa watched with glowing pride as their Little Ones played in the field in front of their newly opened nest. This was it, they thought. This is the ultimate Easiness. Together they looked around as other yukkuri families began to emerge from their winter nests with similar looks of bliss. When everything is so perfect, there is only one thing a yukkuri can do...

“Take it easy!”


Damn, I was liking the story, but that part with the door kinda killed the mood since it made them come out as scummish, which clearly wasn't your intention.

Now I can't help but see the family in a negative light, it may sound silly but after so many stories of bad yu's using the same logic and attitude in the door scene...

I would recommend to change that part to keep the overall good mood of the whole story, but it's just my opinion, you can do whatever you want.