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Hello again OYP community. I've evolved a bit in my interest of the yukkuri phenomena. I used to be into the pure abuse, then I was a white knight for the yukkuri, and now it has become something... else. I can love a yukkuri one minute, revel in its cuteness and innocence. Then the next second I'm trying to rape its very soul. Interesting development. Well, enough of that. While I'm very pleased with the development of the simyukkuri game, I wanted to go back to the other games that we depended on before that. Namely, what I'm looking for are the links to the latest versions of the yukkurarium game and the factory game. I'm asking for the links because the majority of the ones I try and use are dead/unavailable.


Okay, since it appears the wrath of danogoat has not annihilated me (yet), how bout that yukkurarium game? I know its been kind of sidelined with the new simyukkuri. Was there also an English version of yukkurarium?