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Some Questions about transporting & Translating

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Is it alright to translate and transport things from baidu to this place? I've seen some rather interesting original passages(Chinese of course) from that place. Also, were I to do so, where should I put 'em?
My utmost gratitude to anyone who's willing to answer.

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Are you talking about stories? Ive seen that baidu does a lot of those. I guess it would be nice, but where should we put it?

That's what I wish to know: where to put them. Also, were I to translate something, I should include the original author's name as well as the original link to the untranslated version, right?

Also for crediting, you can do either one. I used to leave the ANKO# and credit the author if I can find it.

You have my everlasting gratitude.
I guess I'll start with translating anko 3613... did anyone translate that one yet?