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I followed this link from one of the yukkuri threads in 2chan:
It's a gallery of yukkuris, and the pictures seem to be named in the format [artist]something.
Using this as a reference we can get some names, like:
artist___unknown_14 -> よんばいん (yonbain??)
artist___unknown_20 -> らぶりーペロンペロンあき (lovely-peronperon-aki or lovelyperonperonaki, a tag we already have)

Can someone confirm this?

Updated by Tea

I'm not sure. unknown_14 doesn't look similar in style at all, but unknown_20 definitely looks similar.

edit: need a few more eyes on it to make sure we're not messing it up. Post here if you think unknown_20 is lovelyperonperonaki


It's been confirmed. I researched it with post #34280. Unknown_20 is lovelyperonperonaki. Shall we change the tags? Quick question though, do we keep using the old unknowns for new unnamed artists or are they no longer used?

I kept making new tags and didn't re-use the old ones (to avoid confusion), but keeping count of the numbers is a tad bit inconvenient.

If I understand Gourry and Tea, I would say that any confirmed unknown## should be "retired" to avoid questions if it's a "new" unknown## vs the original unknown##