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Clarification on Tags?

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There's a LOT of commonly-encountered tags that have no wiki entry at all (and a lot of one-off tags that DO have a wiki entry, for some reason). Namely, what's the difference between "Translated", "Translation Available", and "Untranslated"?

For instance, if there's a translation in the comments, does it still count as untranslated, or does it go into translation available? If there's a post with notes, does it count as translated or does it count as translation available? There's also a few empty wiki pages that I think I could try to explain, but is the policy "Don't try if you don't know for sure" or is it "Do the best job at it you can"? I'm no expert, but I think I could do a decent explanation of what things are :U


bobtherob said:
I'm no expert, but I think I could do a decent explanation of what things are :U

All right, let's see your explanations.

Should discuss any ambiguous terms before filling in, even if some tags seem redundant sometimes there's reasons why they're set that way.

There's also a lot of tags copied from danbooru, so keep that in mind as well. There's no real policy, so just do the best you can.

Since we're on the topic of clarifying tag definitions, I would like to briefly discuss the smug tag.

Or rather, my thoughts:

Seriously? That's like every single deibu picture out there, and then some.

Have fun backtagging all that.

Gotta agree with skrib, while smug is quite fitting for many yukkuris, the thing is that one would need to retag thousands of pics and I don't see it being done unless someone feels like doing all that job by him/herself or shows enough reason to make a community campaign for everybody to do so.


Skribulous said:
All right, let's see your explanations.

That was meant in reference to the many, MANY undefined tags that we where the definition should be obvious. On a side note with the smug tag, wouldn't tagging a deibu picture with it be redundant? It'd be like tagging a deibu picture with shithead and asshole, it's not really neccisary. And if we WERE to tag every deibu picture with "smug", then we could simply make deibu implicate "smug" and bam, autotagged