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The link leads to the archive of "published" yukkuri images over at futaba. I am not sure if this is the source of where some/most of you port images over to OYP, but the threads here look well-organized enough that it may help with identifying certain artists.

For example, Unknown_36 appears to be "Letty-Aki". All the other artist names appear to be correctly represented with their respective works.

And if this has already been known / utilized in the past, I apologize for bumping old info~

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I didn't know about this until very recently. Most of the pictures uploaded here come from the yukkuri threads at 2chan, so I think this is new.

Ah yes, that board. I actually pulled thousands of images off of it, back in the days when I actually posted stuff. I see they've stopped blocking non-JP IPs. That's nice.

Edit: well, not so much blocking non-JP IPs as blocking anything without the right Ref header; which would only come from the front page, which blocked non-JP IPs...

letty aki is so easy...

And i think they stopped uploading there for 2 year, im seeing files from 2010 in the second page

I could have sworn unknown_36 got renamed to letty-aki already. o_O
Am I going (more) insane, or did that unhappen with one of the server failures?

Went ahead and changed unknown_36 to letty_aki.
Changed unknown_38 to iphone_aki.
Edited post #55704 to bouken_aki.
Let me know if that is no good, or if more should be done.

Does anyone happen to know/have a link to yuu hana's Pixiv gallery? I tried finding it by running some of their images through SauceNAO, but got no hits, and the source links on the images posted here no longer work.

Apologies for a question that's only tangential to the purpose of this thread, but I couldn't find another thread that seemed more fitting and didn't want to make a thread just to ask this.