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any artists you hate?

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Zattsu. I also dislike kirishima ryuuji because he doesn't respect any of the other artist's drawings and defaces them liberally.

I don't really hate any artists, but if strongly dislikes counts, Miiiiiiiiiii.

It's not even a deconstruction of the cuteness of yukkuris like Haa. Miiiiiiii is just... madness.

Not really. Maybe Haa, but even I can appreciate just how unsettling (and successful) he aims to be. I generally dislike "artists" who are excessively amateurish in their drawings. Is not that not knowing how to draw is a problem, its the fact that one can tell when an effort is made, and some of them don't even try. The name Allantadeu springs to mind.

So, Kirishima is the Steven Seagal of the Yukkuri fandom?

The only thing that i known about him is the belly punching meme.

Yusaka. I guess it's not fair to say I HATE them, but I feel like they try way too hard to make their Yukkuri gross and obnoxious.

Like, with Haa's yukkuri they're gross and disgusting, but it just works somehow because it's a new spin; Yusaka's yus are a bad over the top rehash of old stuff, imo.

Haa's yukkuri is like trainwreck.
While terrible, you can't deny that weird attractiveness.