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So i've been going through the google group and I was just wondering if anyone could recommend me some of their favorite stories, or ones you feel are the best written?

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An eye for an eye, about a Master who has a nicehead Patchoulli and is attacked by wild home invaders. She survives and they take revenge on the wild group who clamed their home. anon is a cop.
Theres a prequel floating around.

Anything by Poweryoga is pretty good, they tend to focus on the impact of nature and the environment on maladapted yukkuri, there's a very particular writing style at play also. <-- my personal favorite. <- has reimu in it

Eye for an eye and Black and white were quite good! A Yukkuri Paradise I found quite depressing =( Sadly Blind Babies seems unfinished, unless i'm mistaken?

*Overall favourites, not in order
A Little Bit of Kindness, A Great Deal of Assistance from an anonymous japanese friend, TL courtesy from Poweryoga.

Dosu in the City from Poweryoga is a must read for whoever wants to write something yukkuri related.
Plus, it's a great story. Personal favourite, part 5.

Prostitute Reimu once a prophet told this unfinished masterpiece out aloud. Tea was passing by, and collected what he could.

A Braggably City-sect Life by far my favourite Hourai's story, even if unfinished.

*Must read
Raising Badged Yukkuri by Hourai
You'd be surprised by how influential this series has been for the whole YFT, consciously or not.
Also, Hourai manages to create some new interesting theories while giving them plausible and well-thought basis.

The aforementioned Dosu in the City

Have a nice read!
Edit: there's also a... little gem that was featured on Deviantart years ago featuring some OYP users and yukkuris :) Some country bumpkin decided to do some report-report on Mister DA admins, so that genuine expression of art and feelings was lost forever before I could save it... but if by any chance someone has it feel free to mail me!


his account's been deactivated a long time ago. As with all trolling activities, he lost interest and moved on.