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Question about the character tags

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So now that we've got color-coded tags, should we start tagging the characters/types and retag the old ones with green tags? Or should they stay as general tags?

Also, about the artist tags, do we leave the 'artist___' part or should we just leave the artist name? I think the artist___ part is a bit redundant now that we have special tags, but I'm not sure.

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I believe by tagging something with artist: you make it into an artist tag. Character:blah makes it into a character. I think the underline is what Toawa did to avoid tag collisions.

We have some stuff in place already, like character:cirno for cirno the youkai and character:letty. Converting a tag like Reimu to character:reimu is not really needed, I think.

What about for example...

reimu - For Yukkuri Reimu
hakurei_reimu or reimu_hakurei - For the actual Reimu.
cirno - For Yukkuri Cirno
cirno_(character) - For the actual Cirno. The same could easily be applied to all other single-named characters.

that's what we're doing.

Reimu = yukkuri Reimu.
Hakurei_Reimu = real deal
Cirno = cirno
Character:Cirno for fairy cirno

poweryoga said:
for now yes.

I'm assuming such posts as
post #34014
post #34347
post #33760

are mistagged, then? I noticed that on some of the yukkuris based on single-named characters (well, it's actually just Cirno and Nazrin that I've seen for now) are tagged as character: tags instead of general. Is this intentional or...?

*head a splode*

Question guys, isn't it supposed to be flandre_scarlet/remilia_scarlet for the Characters instead of scarlet_flandre/scarlet_remilia?

They aren't Japanese AFAIK.

(EDIT: How do I mass-rename, if ever my suggestion is accepted?)

I think that using aliases is a much more time-efficient and convenient solution that works well.


I actually changed that pre-migration. We can change it back, the mass-edit function is only available to janitors and admins.

We can also use alias. if that suits our purposes.

How do we create a new character tag for Mima (character)? It automatically turns green for the yukkuri mima.

Gourry said:
How do we create a new character tag for Mima (character)? It automatically turns green for the yukkuri mima.


Ohai said:

I've tried that as well, but it also turns green for yukkuri mima.

kurutto-kun said:
On another subject, why do we have a "yuka-chen" tag but not a "bushy reimu" tag?

Because a bushy Reimu is still a Reimu.

Hybrids, on the other hand, are different.