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I've been on a rut lately, so i havent drawn anything in a while except of course on the Pixiv chats. Of course, that means a request thread is in order! Ill probably do one every 1 or 2 weeks, so request as you like. Keep in mind, i can take it very easy so it can be delays ze.... depending on how busy i am with real life thingies or other drawings and stuff. I of course will pick what to draw so this will probably end up with lots of Haa reimus and Cirno abuse...

Shitty meilings, Nitoris and Scum satoris could use this thread too if they want ideas on what to draw ze... but of course they dont compare to easy Parsee...

PD: No dosus allowed.

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hmmm... I'd love it if you could draw some Meilings beating up Deibus, would be epic; then a yandere face on meiling.

danogoat said:
Cirno abuse

Whyy would you sayyy thaatt!?

If you want to draw cute Cirno then headbutting mister palm tree is okay. Facepalming can take it very easy.

Draw some power tool abyuse with such devices as: table saws, band saws, routers (the power tool, not the computer device), belt sanders, angle grinders, pressure washers, air compressors, vacuums, demolition hammers (like a cross between a jackhammer and a drill), heat guns, and just about whatever you can find at a Home Depot, Lowes or some other big hardware store.

Bonus points if you do the power tool abyuse as a New Yankee Workshop parody staring Norm Abrams cleaning his tool using an invading yukkuri family.

YukkurisMustDie said:
draw some remilia abuse

Why would you bully cute Remiliasss..... ;v;
Go abuse a deibu insteaaad ;v;

Alright, I would like a comic starring a yukkuri population control device. It will be centered around birthkilling and look like a pillow on top of a long platform. Once a very pregnant yukkuri lines up on the birthing platform it will be locked into place (either by hooks or piston to the anyaru or something). Then at the yukkuri starts birthing, the machine will kills the kos as soon or shortly after they come out. Perhaps the pillow will turn into the mechanical equivalent of a Sarlacc pit or something; I'll leave it up to Dano to decide how they get disposed. Then afterwards the paste from the collected kos is collected and brewed into beer...or something.

Methods of Cirno reproduction.

They have no concept of rub-rub or what peni-peni or mamu-mamu are for, so left to their own device normally they would just die of stupidity/old age and never reproduce. However cirnos are so abysmally bad at counting that whenever they try to figure out how many cirnos they can see, they get it so wrong that the ACTUAL number changes, usually to something much higher.

Researchers are puzzled by what appears to be a large blue cloud of mist hanging over the antarctic peninsula...

Requesting Miss and the Nerdy Yus Family-Friendly slice of life picture!

poweryoga said:
requesting mr fly's finished comic...

Whyyyyyy youuuu saaayyy diiisss

A bunch of anons are having a medieval warfare reenactment party. They are doing a castle invasion with a mock castle.

The invaders have a muzzle loading cannon. They use mid-sized koyukki instead of cannon balls in order not to damage the fake castle or hurt anybody. The kos are kept in a brass-monkey with a net to keep them from running off (their feet have not been burned).

The first ko gets loaded into the canon. It resists and gets bashed in face first by the loader's ramrod. The commander yells "Fire!" and the ko goes flying through the air. It hits the castle face first and sprays paste out its bottom.

The invading team try a different tactic with the second shot since the first was so difficult. After loading the gun powder, they throw a sweet down the barrel and let the ko chase after it. The ko wriggles its way down the barrel. The commander says "Don't fire until you heard 'Munch munch happiness'." After hearing "Munch munch" the canon is fired and the ko comes flying out of the barrel with a charred face. As it comes out, its eyes fly off in two different directions. It splatters not too far from the first.

Seeing as how the second shot took too long, they load the third shot like the first except the loader bashes it really hard with the ramrod to keep it in place. When the commander yells fire, the ko disintegrates and paste sprays out of the cannon.

poweryoga said:
funny thing, I thought of a remilia abuse comic the other day...

but need to finish my current one...

or any comic...
or any drawing...


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