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Yukkuri game problems

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Ok, so how do we RUN the Yukkuri games?
I have no idea how to start up that Marisa game that's at version 0.65 or how to start the Yukkurarium game that people keep uploading pics from that's at version 1.13.

Please help?

Updated by exitstrategy

The Yukkurarium game runs on Java, so you will need to install the Java run time (not the browser plugin) in order to run the game. I didn't have a problem running the Marisa game, so I don't know (sorry).

For the marisa game, if you don't have asian fonts installed, you can try removing the gibberish characters from the game directory after you extract it. That worked for me.


Hey, thanks for the advice, but I'm still having absolutely no luck. It's like, I install the Jave Run Time SE; but then what? There's no way to execute the folder or anything of that sort. I don't see any way to get it to run as a game.

Well, if you have Java runtime installed, you should be able to execute the jar file by opening it (either double click, or right click->open).