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Searching for unmarked anko illustrations

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Sometimes I'll read an anko story with illustrations at the anko mirror site and notice that an illustrator didn't write "anko####" on the picture. I'd like to track down the pictures on OYP and give them the appropriate anko####/illustration tags, but sometimes I just can't seem to find the picture.

For example:
Anko1261--the first picture by nagekiaki:
Anko0834--the first picture by hakanai:

If I can't find it after lengthy searching, should I go ahead and upload it, or should I mention it here first and see if anyone else can find it?

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anon0014 said:
I found one of them, post #14698.
You can search for pictures by size like this: width:600 height:400
I believe danbooru checks for duplicates using md5 checksums, so it should be ok to try to upload the ones you can't find.

Awesome! Thanks for finding the picture and for teaching me the size-search hint.

yukiyuzen said:
Ok, I KNOW for a fact that this picture is on OYP. I edited the tags on it a while back but no one mentioned that it was an anko picture in the comments so I never tagged it that way.

Yep, found it: anko59 post #7596

Didn't find it from searching out the characters and didn't see it was under 600 width so I assumed at first it was resized on the anko page.

post #4162

post #7533



It's not a "who" but a "what", Anko is the label given to the yukkuri fanfics done in Japan, as you can see in the previous posts, it's usually Anko and a Number, like saying "Anko1234", that's how you find the Ankos in their own fanfiction database.