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How to Label: A series with both family friendly and non-family friendly images.

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Good sirs. I was wondering how we go about labeling pictures of a series that have both family friendly and not-so-family-friendly images; i.e. a story containing both family friendly scenes and the opposite.

I am pretty sure we've had this discussion before, and a conclusion was reached some time long ago; but I have forgotten what we all decided. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Updated by dexter

The images that are FF-seeming get non_violent. To summarise: they're technically non_violent, the lack of a family friendly tag lets people know what's coming, and it would be dumb to not be able to mention abuse and what happens to the yukkuris in the series on pictures belonging to the series.


If there's no violence in the specific picture: non_violent

If there's perceivable violence coming in the specific picture: danger

If the entire series has no violence/abuse/rape/etc: family_friendly

If there's abuse/rape/etc in the picture: tag accordingly