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Yukkuri Pet Shop/Terrarium Games Translation Please?

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I found a thread about Yukkuri games but I didn't find this game. I think it's a pet shop game. You can make money, steal yukkuri from fields, crash a dance party, pick yukkuri out of a washer, a Yukkuri Reimu is your boss, etc. It's crazy, because Japan.

Also I found a version of the basic Yukkurarium game that's got the same four buttons, but it's got Patchy and Shell Marisa. Can someone to an easy translation because there's little to no dialogue?
I think this is the one with Shell and Patchy.

By the way they call me Ski Ball Hero holla at ya boy.


Thanks for the translation, Ski Ball Hero.

Hmm, the yukkurium game is translated, but the first game is all moonrunes. Can't seem to get a grasp on what is going on.


a_red_glow said:
How do you go about downloading from I haven't been able to figure out.

Click the name of the file you want (left side of the table), then scroll down and hit the little button marked ダウンロード.

I dunno, I might have given you the wrong link in the second one, is the second one Patchy and Shell, and a whole lot of different ones that only gots two yukkuri in each? the first one is the pet shop though, I wanna run that shit. I put up a yukkuri pet shop as a front for a crystal meth business like my boy Hisenburg, holla at ya boy.