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Yukkuri's special skills and abilities?

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Is there any compilation on what a yukkuri is good at? For example:

Reimu type: Good nurturer/mother. Singer?
Marisa type: Good forager/hunter.
Nitori type: Kappa tech (Kinda like Ork "tech" from wh40k?)
Remilia/Flandre type: Yukkuri Predators?
Alice type: ??? (rape is not a skill)
Kokoro type: Dancing?
Myon type: Fighting?

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Personally I don't think I have seen some of the older game based yukkuri in this site. The info is also without a proper source.

Yeah most of the unsourced stuff is whatever headcanon zoidsfanatic fills in, but usually if there's any actual art or stories that get made about a particular yu it'll get updated.

The easiest way is check the original character's most exploited feature in fandom, then dial that to 120%.

Reimu: the braids are dexterous and they can build barrier (from Reimu's task as caretaker of the Hakurei shrine). Deibu's lazyness is also from the original Reimu being lazy, ruthless and not giving a shit.
Then from yukkuri fandom, their position as mother made them want to have children and childcare skill.

Marisa: it goes from Marisa's famous quote, danmaku is power (if your gun doesn't do it, get a bigger gun), then you have a yukkuri who's boastful about power. How other yukkuri marry Marisa is because fandom Marisa is a pimp.
From yukkuri fandom came the hat boat of aquatic Marisa. The foraging part is more because they're the "father" role in typical yukkuri family.

Alice: she's a doll maker and thus skillful. Not sure where, but the part about being the cultured lady from the city that doesn't want to play with the country bumpkins is also from the real Alice, as is the tsundere.
The raper part is from fandom's Alice of being in love with Marisa (which explains why they prefer raping Marisa yukkuri)

Patchouli: she's the librarian and being hikikomori, doesn't move much. IINM, the original Patchouli had lines like she's having asthma. There you go, the sickly Patchouli.

Chen's case is mostly from being associated with cats, except the Ran-shamaaaa (and vice versa, Cheeeeeen!)

Kasen and Eiki's obnoxiousness is supposedly the same as their yukkuri. When they start preaching, they won't stop.

Yuugi and Suika's love for booze is from their original character too.
Tenshi's usual masochist treat. Iku's fever.
Murasa sinking ships.
Satori and Miko reading mind.

Shizuha and Minoriko got stealth ability different from Koishi's. Reason is because... well, both are not really standing out among Touhou cast. It took me long time before finally remembering that leaf is Shizuha and grape is Minoriko.

And Dano is just being Dano.