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New pixiv thing for animation

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Apparently pixiv made a thing that animates stuff. Sadly, the format they use its purely on javascript or something so you cant save the images as gifs or apng, so we outta luck. In case any of you find a workaround pls post it here so we can upload any animated stuff.

Updated by tlaezotilli

You can find a link to a zip file with all the frames of the animation if you search for '' in the source of the page:

The delay of each frame is next to that link.
You can then use something like ImageMagick to convert it into a gif:

The only problem is that each frame can have a different delay.

edit: I uploaded one of those animations (post #59509).

I got a '403 Forbidden' error when I tried to download the zip file. The solution was to use a download manager and set the referring page to