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examples of deibu

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Remember how when I originally came here, the community came alive again?

And when I was forced out, everything died again?

Until Ski Ball Hero came back and revitalized interest in the community?

I was going to keep this up until Eiki and Kotatsu Marisa got translated, but I recently had a conversation with someone that kind of opened my eyes, and made me realize there was no real point.

Besides, they're going to get translated eventually anyways. Everything is.

So yeah. Thank you for reviving this community twice. I'm gonna go back to looking through the galleries, because even if you're banned, you can still see everything.

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And of course, you guys are too pussy to admit the truth.

That's why this place is as dead as it is.

Keep lying to yourself.

Nobody has been able to dispute a single thing I've said.

At all.