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That one jerk

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Dosu doesn't seem to be in the mood.

I'm guessing this wx character is an american in his early to mid teens. The behavior fits the profile too much.

just don't respond to the autistic kid.

I like leaving his posts up sometimes because he's a kid who likes yukkuris. But he literally cannot say anything without being an assfuck because he's a teenager who's full of himself, and delusionally thinks he's important in some way shape or form to the community. He obviously enjoys the content enough to lurk and when your progress doesn't match his expectations, he makes a new account to rage. (not sure why, his previous ones are still fine and unbanned last I checked)

He's pretty much a real life deibu. Lashing out at a community that is yukkuri abuse centric. What's the old saying? Nothing unites people like a common enemy?

Dealing with him is like writing an abyuse story. He's like the deibu you can abuse forever because he never learns his lesson and keeps coming back.


exitstrategy said:
I found this poetic for some strange reason.

Indeed, it is rather poetic. I salute you, Dosu!

Isn't it wonderful? We have what is possibly the most advanced virtual yukkuri AI to abuse as we see fit.

Truly, we can take it easy.
Yufufufufufu~ OYP is chosen by the world ze

Well whenever things slow down he seems to make an appearance and our combined hatred for him makes everyone come out of the wood work, so I'll give him that.

its ok, I wrote a script to clean up his forum posts next time. I actually hope he tries something stupid again soon so I Can test it out.