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as long as its "actual" yukkuris and not just random yukkuri images superimposed on top of hentai or "find the yukkuri", it's fine.

Most of the stuff that got deleted is just 99% hentai + 1% "find the yukkuri", which is not really the purpose of the site. You can post them here in the forums though or reference it, though I understand it's not really the same.

Like hospitalking stuff is pretty much full on yukkuri humansex. Whatever tickles your fancy, I guess. Sanaeaki also has a bunch of good stuff.

I wish sanaeaki would draw more... ufufu.

I think you were asking because you wanted to upload something like this: post #61494

I mean that's 100% hentai. The yukkuri is barely mentionable in the background. We've allowed non-hentai and family_friendly images where the yukkuri is somewhere in the picture but hentai images that just have a random yukkuri image somewhere is a resounding no.

I know it sounds weird coming from a site that has a huge abyuse collection image, but we don't allow images like this unless it's a bodied yu (like sanaeaki stuff). You can upload these to danbooru though.