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I'm trying to write a story about yukkuri, and i find myself, strangely enough, having a hard time figuring out what to expect from yukkuri in relation to what a human would find logical. I guess this is because I have a hard time seeing how things will play out in my head, and also because I don't entirely grasp their mindset.

There is a platinum grade Udonge that the story takes the perspective from. She is extremely intelligent by yukkuri standards, and she responds to things in mostly human ways. That's why she's such a high rank.

She's left to take care of a stray Reimu for a few days. Reimu wakes up in a room, sees no one in it, and declares it home. This is standard.

However, I find myself stumped trunk to figure out how she'd react to someone trying to explain that someone else was there before her, and its someone else's home. It feels like it would keep looping around - Udonge explains its master's home, Reimu says she did declaration, Udonge says master had already done it, Reimu says no one was here, Udonge says someone WAS there, Reimu insists its her home.

I tried making her understand but nothing felt right. Forcing it is incompatible. Would this keep going in a circle until Reimu connects the dots and decides that Udonge is an invader?

I'm probably going to have a lot of questions like this. I wonder what the best way to deal with this would even be. Sidestepping the issue seems to be the wisest course of action; let Reimu forget about the matter.

But then how do you solidify the fact that its not Reimu's home later? Can Reimu even understand that idea?

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I know, that somewhere (maybe in forum's wiki) exists article with list of behaviour types of each yukkuri kinds with usual reactions on some situations.
E.g. Marisa can be brave to defend it's relatives,so it will be punished first or Reimu is selfish and Alice is rapist.

In your story Udong can tell her opponent, that she can prove her position. She can tell that she knows where sweets sweets are put by house master.
I think this provement will be enough.
Or your platinum head can troll shithead with infinite argue or try to catch it to prevent house destruction

Yukkuri logic will usually deny everything that's uneasy (which is, inconvenient for their own egoistical need). So arguments are useless because their paste will refuse to process it and spit out "Error: does not compute"
Don't bother arguing with shitheads, that's how their paste brain works. They only take ideas that are advantageous for themselves.

^ This is unlike arguing with shithead human who could understand they're wrong but won't accept it because of pride. For yukkuri, your argument will sounds like foreign concept, like sentences to someone with dyslexia. They seriously don't get what you are talking about.

Another way is to let them have their condition to proof ownership of the house. You can give them suggestion they would agree of, but let them decide.
But again, shitheads will just say you're cheating, because losing the easy place is uneasy and they will continue to deny it.

One of the way is probably by making the place uneasy while they are sleeping. Let them stay in there for a few days and after they acknowledged they don't want the place anymore and hand over the ownership. Confirm it again and again, better with witness of another respected yukkuri.
Then clean up the room and do home declaration, again with witness of other yukkuri.
Shithead will then deny, again saying you're cheating. But they're really punishable in yukkuri law IMO, for trying to take over place someone else had already do home declaration, moreover with witness already seeing them acknowledging the declaration.

PS: There are anti-house-declaration alarm. It works by sensing a yukkuri about to do house declaration and loudly announce "Take it easy!", stopping them from completing the words.


My two cents:

Shithead yukkuri will immediately call anyone in their easy place their slave and start demanding things, obviously.

Average, non-shithead yukkuri will simply go around in circles, unable to understand the reasoning. They did home declaration properly, it's their easy place. Case closed. Like that recent Takumi comic with Reimu and bodied Youmu.

Nicehead yukkuri will take more care making sure it's not taken before doing a home declaration. If another yukkuri does come after that, they may allow them to "share" it. Mister human's house would be big enough for both of them after all.

A smart and nicehead yukkuri would be able to understand the argument that the house was 'taken' but the owner was 'out hunting' and so could not protest the home declaration.

Some ideas:

Assuming the stray is not a shithead, the best way for Udonge to "convince" Reimu would be to prove herself as a good hunter. Reimus usually don't like/aren't good at hunting, she won't be able to find food in mister human's easy place unless it's already spilled on the floor. Udonge can then go 'hunting', bring back food, and offer to share the food in exchange for sharing the easy place.

Be careful to decline any offers of 'marriage', and don't let Reimu get too lazy. Hopefully she will forget about it being her easy place, or mister human can come home and declare it his easy place and ignore Reimu the way Reimu ignored Udonge. Udonge could then play 'good cop' and 'help' Reimu 'convince' mister human to let Reimu take it easy, with appropriate strings attached.

Alternatively, if the stray is dumb, Udonge could just trick her. Wait until Reimu falls asleep - or drug her with ramune - and move her to an unfamiliar part of the house. Hang around until she wakes up, and then tell her that Udonge 'saved' her from something and that this is Udonge's easy place. Yukkuri are very gullible; Reimu may even start 'remembering' parts of the story, especially if Udonge pretends to be a doctor.

Bonus points if Udonge can set up some boxes or something as the 'easy place' and warns Reimu against going 'outside'.


BaronMind said:

Bonus points if Udonge can set up some boxes or something as the 'easy place' and warns Reimu against going 'outside'.

Favourite strip from Kirishima.
Kick them into a box when doing house declaration, and confirm that yes, the box is their easy place.

I'm against the idea of hunting for sharing. Have to be careful and unless Udonge only bring food when Reimu is in the verge of starving to death, there will be a top-down hierarchy where Reimu become the landowner who allow slave Udonge to stay for tributes as she saw fit. It's going to a bad route.

That's why I started that idea with "assuming the stray is not a shithead". The OP mentioned Udonge was only going to be looking after the stray for "a few days" so it hopefully won't have time to degenerate to that level.

Anyway, it was just a suggestion. I can't think of anything better at the moment or I'd be writing it myself. =(

I really like this feedback. It's giving me plenty to think about, and its even better because of the bit things and ideas I want to touch on.

It's a very awkward situation to be sure, though. I can't see this sort of thing not ending in something's death in the wild, or a 'natural' setting. Two yukkuri unable to shh away from the idea that this home is theirs.

I think it'll be a loop. An endless circle of 'but this is Reimu's place' with a round argument that doesn't fit in a square hole. Very strange situation.

Still, thanks for the feedback, I'll likely visit again with more questions or just to speculate. Yukkuri logic is interesting to burrow into, especially when it breaks down.

BaronMind: Ah, for short term solution. :)
The later points looks like it could work also in mid-long term.

Didact04 said:
Still, thanks for the feedback, I'll likely visit again with more questions or just to speculate. Yukkuri logic is interesting to burrow into, especially when it breaks down.

Thinking about how yukkuri think is what got me writing in the first place. I love stories about yukkuri psychology!

Yes yes, we like it.
You have to publish your very easy interesting and exciting story. Right now is OK!