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Found something, might interest you guys

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poweryoga said:
I remember reading this at some point. Isn't this a few years old?

Anon-kun used to to be an OYP regular.

Skribulous said:
Anon-kun used to to be an OYP regular.

I vaguely remember that being his story, but wasn't 100% sure if it was the right "anon kun" so I didn't mention it.

Some Mister read my stories... Yuuu~~!
But the one Cuttler brought up isn't mine.

To those interested: I didn't go anywhere... but I promised a story to danogoat and since I've been unable to complete it I decided to inflict upon myself an exile, until the day I'll actually finish it.

The yukkuri love is still strong and the ideas plentiful, but real life is a uneasy. One day, for sure...