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Stray yukkuris

Shoot at the baby

Not mine ITS shinra bansho

Not mine but shinra bansho video


These crab like yukkuri, at first glance, looks like a Yukkuri with spider legs. However, if threatened, they will start hovering, unsheathe good their claws.


Ultimate Lifeform Yukkuri

This image is actually just one in a group of yukkuri subtypes, but they share some similar properties:

- There is no line between nice and not.

- They are semi aquatic and fire resistant. One Ultimate type even finds fire easy.

- They cannot be injured to various degrees. Some will enter shine mode and others will live through all injuries and live with them.

- Cutting them in half will cause them to perform mitosis.

- They kill abusers.

- They are very smart, and can speak fluent human language.

- They can be very snarky, often saying things like, “You have a mental problem to assume that we have the intel and mindset of a Reimu, and treat us like one.” or “You sound stupid trying to use yukkuri phrases on yukkuri.”

- They are surprisingly shy due to knowing that these properties will give them a lot of trouble.

- They have no accessories. Accessories are rare.

- They abandoned easiness for survival, meaning that they thrive in deserts, the poles and an uneasy city.

- They can withstand any taste.

- Having one, the best environment would be slightly uneasy, but not enough for it to see you as an abuser.

- Put then in any existing abuse art or pool and they will subvert it.

Btw you all the one knows seiga you know she is bit tricky and Wicked so im adding this smile as a fake smile

Hong Kong Yukkuri

A combination of an uneasy environment, a balance between abusers and lovers and wildlife handling has made these yukkuri tough, smart and good companions for the humans there. They retaliate on anything that threatens their safety and refuses to die until the source of uneasiness is driven away.

Side note, While this may cause another argument war, I need to put this here so that Others can see the true reason behind my anti abuse art.

I suffer from bullying at school. And when I see an abuse comic, it reminds me of what I have to go through. It just HURTS to see this. It’s why I am so anti abuse and used to necrobump art to reflect disgust.

Born it Easy

Generic Birth art.

Badge Day

The yukkuri passed the badge test. It is now a badger Yu.