One Yukkuri Place

Artist: infernoadmin

Study on feasible approaches of lasting torture on wasa-type the yukkuri;
Study on efficient methods of yukkuri abuse toward wasa-type;
Study on historical opinions on sources of scum-being of wasa-type from large scaled data;

Y.Abyuser, I.A, 'Distribution of sensor covering surface of yukkuri reimus', Journal of yukkuri abuse, (Novermember 2015)
Y.Abyuser, Mohigan, W.Killer, 'A robust approach to evaluating status of core paste in wasa-type under extreme temperatures', IWAA Annual, (March 2016)
K.A, T.Y, Y.Abyuser, 'Interpretion on bad conduct of wasa-type, Historical stydies and biologic analysis', Urban cultrue, Nature and Humanity, (January 2017)

-Dr. Yukkuri Abyuser 鬼

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